About Crypto Phoenix

"Money we already have, now we will continue our business to transform lives!" _ Andres Baker (CEO)

Our CEO and founder has been working in the financial market for over 15 years. He has worked in banks, brokerages and founded companies that are part of his business group. During this period he accumulated a fortune that would enable him to live for the rest of his life without having to work.

But that's not what makes him want to live. His biggest dream is to transform lives.

So he decided to found Crypto Phoenix and hire a finance excellence team. He chose the phoenix to name our company because it symbolizes hope. And we hope to change many lives and make the world better.

Crypto Phoenix is an Investment Company that operates in the cryptocurrency mining and trading business, as well as in stock and commodity markets. We think the key to long-term profitability is diversification and we are very successful at it.

But what good is success and so much money if there are so many people who can't have the basics to survive?

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This is why our founder states in our bylaws that a percentage of our profits are systematically donated to non-governmental organizations around the world that provide education and quality to children and teens and teach them professional skills.

That way they can have a better future and then will we have a world with less inequality.

This is also why we offer life-changing investment plans for people who don't have access to the high return investments that conventional financial institutions offer only to millionaires. We offer this high return even to those who can only start by investing little.

The result we obtain from our operations is used as follows:
Fist, we pay the company's operating costs first, then allocate a percentage to donate to non-governmental organizations, and the remainder is distributed to our investors.

By investing in Crypto Phoenix, you get high income and help lift people out of poverty. You change your life and that of other people.

* If you just want to help us change the lives of children and teens, send your donation to the following bitcoin address: 1KHpbNjbVitbeR49rHNuTptPLnXovEAA7d

** If you know a non-governmental organization that fits the above and needs resources, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Crypto Phoenix is registered at Companies House (UK). Our number is 12295895.