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David and Victoria Beckham are flexing their British roots with some of the best company the UK has to offer — Sir Elton John is onboard with the couple on the same yacht.

The Beckhams and their children are riding on a luxury yacht right now with the legendary singer, his husband David Furnish and their kids — where they’re all enjoying the steady waters in the South of France … and diving in feet first when the mood strikes, it seems.

Well, Dave is anyway — he was snapped holding hands with his daughter, Harper, and one of Elton’s boys … jumping off the side of the yacht into the ocean as a group.

Based on what we can see here, the wife had a little something for him when he came back up dripping wet. Yes, you can feel the love today with these two … it’s as strong as ever.

As for boat wear … DB went with the classic shirtless look, Victoria rocked a sun dress and Elton was in a floral design getup … rockin’ his shades too, per usual. Looks like he kept Victoria company at one point while Dave was splashing around with the kiddos.

If this isn’t living your best life, we don’t know what is.

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