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James Bond is back to handling his classic ride in classic 007 fashion — which means somewhere an Aston Martin is getting driven fast and hard.

The next Bond flick — “No Time to Die” — is shooting right now in Matera, Italy, and on Sunday they tackled an intense car chase scene on the windy, narrow streets of Piazza San Pietro Caveoso.

What’s rough about these stunts is how much rubber-to-the-road abuse this Aston Martin DB5 takes on set. Sure, it’ll make for some great action sequences — but the value of this gorgeous ride will be dwindled down to practically nothing after what it goes through here.

It’s kinda funny … the stuntman on set sorta looked like Daniel Craig at certain angles, but we HIGHLY doubt DC was behind the wheel for the kinda power steering you’re seeing here. Unless he’s gone full Tom Cruise, of course. Sometimes a guy’s just gotta take the reins, but considering Daniel’s already suffered an on-set injury … pretty sure he tapped out for this stunt.

Aston Martin wasn’t so lucky. If this car could speak, it would’ve bowed out of this scene, for sure!

Typical Bond — ruining great cars since the ’60s … all for the sake of saving the world.

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