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Lil Nas X just topped his Billy Ray Cyrus collab by pairing with Jeff Bezos for a huge Amazon office party … in a freakin’ football stadium!! So, yeah … you could say it was a Prime pairing.

Proving how awesome it is to be the richest man in the world … Bezos hired Lil Nas AND Katy Perry to perform Tuesday night at Amazon’s post-Prime Day concert. No biggie, just a a small get together for more than 45,000 employees at Seattle’s CenturyLink Stadium — and you can tell the boss man was turning up.

Bezos ended up rocking X’s graffiti-tagged leather coat, and he posed with Katy and her little dog, Nugget. Lil Nas posted a pic with the caption, “I am now the new owner of amazon and i stole katy perry’s dog.”

Katy also treated the crowd with her first-ever live performance of “Never Really Over.”

Throwing extravagant parties is now Bezos’ MO — just last month he had Taylor Swift headline an Amazon Prime Day concert in NYC. Some critics have bashed him for the lavish events … saying he should pay employees better instead of staging concerts for them.

Based on Tuesday night’s party with Katy and Lil Nas X … it’s pretty clear the $113 billion man is gonna do things his way — he’s gonna ride til he can’t no more.

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