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The latest news enclosing Lil Pump included a good gesture from the artist that handed out food and clothing to the homeless in Los Angeles. Additionally, the artist also shared a throwback picture where he looked completely unrecognizable. The Miami rapper reminded us when he posted a throwback photograph of himself on Instagram back in 25, that there once existed a person without all the tattoo’s.

The photograph shows another face of Lil Pump we had to see, one without tattoos and the hairstyles. Pump captioned the photo with a seemingly rhetorical question: “DID I HAVE THE BEST GLOUP?” The majority of these were shocked by the earlier and after transformation while he did allow his followers answer that question. It’s been a great year for Lil Pump and it seems he has recently chose to reap the fruits of his labor by stunting on Instagram.

Relatedly, in case you were wondering what Lil Pump was having for breakfast on this Christmas Eve, he’s also decided to reply that question for you while bending. The “Shopping Spree” rapper took it to Instagram to flaunt his piles of cash that was clearly munching on. What if we call this? A healthy and balanced breakfast.

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