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Summer is when festivals are at their peak. Whether you’re into alternative, rock, rap, or EDM — there’s a music festival for you. While music festivals are a fun summertime activity, they also come with a lot of stress. There’s finding the right outfit, figuring out how to get there, and making sure you’re prepared while you’re actually at the festival.

Whether you’re at a music festival for one day or a whole weekend, it’s crucial to go fully prepared for the hours you’ll be standing in the sun, on your feet, possibly with alcohol in your system. If festivals are on your summer bucket list, check out what we suggest you should have prepared to bring with you to a festival.


Avoid the weird tan lines and sunburn and pack lots of sunscreen.


Staying hydrated is key!! You don’t want to risk passing out and missing your favorite artists, make sure you drink lots of water. A Camelback backpack is a great way to re-hydrate, be sure to check the rules on bringing liquids into the festival first.


Keep the sun out of your eyes and keep your vision perfect with sunglasses.


Whether you want alcohol, food, or apparel – having enough cash on you is important. Be sure to put it somewhere safe, like your shoes.

Portable Charger

All those videos you’re going to take is going to drain your battery! Bring a portable charger.


Even if you’re not drinking, it’s always important to carry around some form of identification.


If you can make it past security with snacks, save yourself a few bucks and pack some of your own.


You need something to carry all these things in, right? Make sure it’s something lightweight and comfortable, and not easy to open or easy for people to reach into.

A jacket

If you live somewhere that gets cold at night, pack a sweater or jacket so you can stay warm all night long.

Tissues/Wet Wipes

Something most people forget to bring, but tissues and wet wipes are essential for accidental spills, tears, and getting cleaned up in the dust.

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